The future is here. This time, be ahead of the curve.

Imagine how quickly you could take your business to the next level - stand out, get noticed, and explode the results you get in your business even more by being light years ahead of everyone else in your space...

Michelle here. You might not know who I am yet, but I’m about to reveal Rich’s biggest secret.

Big things are happening behind the scenes at Strategic Profits and, on Rich’s direct orders, we’re about to share it with a small group.

What's inside Rich's "Business Secrets" box?
Every decade there are a handful of concepts that change everything in the marketing world.  

What you’re about to read is one of those rare concepts directly from the genius brain of the man who:
  • Was first to do livestream webcasts (he literally pulled a satellite truck into his driveway to stream)
  • Invented the automated sales webinar
  • Introduced the first freemium with the “Internet Business Manifesto”
  • ​And was the very first online business coach!
You really can’t get anymore ahead of the curve and into the future then that… an idea THIS BIG could only come from Rich Schefren.

But first, pop quiz!  

You Might Be An Internet Marketer If…

Which of these challenges have you run into with your online business?  

Give yourself one point for each challenge you’ve found yourself frustrated by:
  • Funnels not converting as well as you want (and looking like exactly what everyone else is doing
  • ​Churn-and-burn membership sites with retention rates that sucked (or never even got launched because of all the work involved)
  • ​Frustration with getting noticed by “big names” or getting affiliate partners on board to promote
  • ​An endless cycle of content creation that’s got you feeling trapped on a hamster wheel and burning out
  • ​Tire-kicker leads who jump into your free offers, but never invest… or unengaged customers who never take action or get results 
  • ​Marketing so boring you’re falling asleep reading your own ads, sales pages, or watching your own VSLs or masterclasses
  • ​Content that doesn’t monetize nearly as well as you hoped - podcasts, videos, and more - that you put your heart into (or paid a pretty penny for) but no one seems to be noticing...
  • ​No idea how to put upsells in place that actually convert (or better yet, leverage offers as an affiliate to generate consistent cash flow without being stuck in delivery mode)
  • ​Feeling like you keep missing the ground floor and are stuck playing an endless game of catch up… YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram, SnapChat, Clubhouse…
  • ​Irritated by endless online lists like this one that point out the problems without telling you the actual solution!
I’ll bet you got at least one point (that last one, yeah?).  

What’d you score? Write that number down, you’ll want it in a minute. 

Call it your “Internetter Frustration Level”.

My Internetter Frustration Level Is: __________

If you’re anything like the average internet marketer, you probably scored 8+.

Hopefully you aren’t falling asleep watching your own VSLs or masterclasses… 

But let’s chat solutions here.  

Steal Our Winners reveals the hottest, most effective tactics working right now… What if we shared what’ll work in the future? 

Wait! Pop Quiz #2 (you know you’re having fun with this):  

You Might NOT Be An Internet Marketer If…

What if we told you that Rich came up with a way to combine:

          1. A membership site...

          2. A high-converting funnel...

          3. An automatic affiliate engine...

Into a single system?  Wouldn't that be cool?

If your answer to that is anything other than F-CK YES, you may not be an internet marketer… or maybe it just hasn’t “clicked” yet exactly how BIG this is.

Let’s look at it another way...

Is a “Perpetual Motion Machine” Possible?
And could it power your business?

Time to talk Science. A perpetual motion machine is a hypothetical machine that can do work infinitely without an external energy source -- it keeps going, and going, and going, and going...

What if your online business could literally be a perpetual motion machine? 

That would be awesome, yes?

Science says this kind of machine is impossible, since it would violate either the first or second law of thermodynamics or both.

The First Law of Thermodynamics states that energy cannot be created or destroyed, only transformed from one form to another. A perpetual motion machine would have to produce work without energy input. 

The Second Law of Thermodynamics states that an isolated system will move toward a state of disorder. A perpetual motion machine would have to have energy that was never wasted and never moved toward a disordered state. 

Here’s where Rich asked the right questions: 

What if the energy sources came from outside the business?

What if we could build a membership site + funnel + affiliate-powered sales engine?  

A hybrid system that draws its energy from infinite “universes” of content creators, members, and affiliates... instead of draining the business owner (you!)?

Well, we’d have the online business version of a “perpetual motion machine!”

Meet: The "Infinity Funnel" (Infinity x5)

Points of Entry

No forced funnels or ridiculous upsell ladders… stop adding unnecessary friction that eviscerates your conversion rates!

Give your people infinite opportunities to say YES to the opt-ins and offers that they’re excited about.

Infinite Organic Growth

What if every new lead and sale instantly became a “super fan”?

You don't need to "go viral" like a teenage YouTube star or IG model to create organic growth.

Discover how to reward your community for sharing and watch what happens...

Monetization Loops

With the right data, you can show the right offer at the right time… affiliate offers or your own!

And with smart filtering you can leverage segmentation to easily identify your highest-end potential clients!

We'll show you how to do both.

Infinite Engagement

If you've got a smart approach, you can build a customer onboarding sequence with gamification that gets your clients engaged so they create amazing results!

Plus, instantly capture powerful social proof you can leverage to feed your “perpetual motion machine”!

Infinite Paths to Scale

We'll reveal how to apply the concepts of "infinitizing" your business to every area, so you can scale as quickly as you want to -- without overwhelm or burn out.

Rich is a genius at scaling, and you’ll be blown away by his processes and hacks.  With a few small tweaks, you'll be amazed what's possible for your business.

Remember Pop Quiz #1?  The Infinity Funnel Instantly Wipes Your Score to...

What was your “Internetter Frustration Score” on Pop Quiz #1?

This Pop Quiz is like golf. Lowest score wins the online business game.

Did you score 3? 6? 7? 10?  

Well, we’ve got great news.  

The Infinity Funnel instantly wipes that “Internetter Frustration Score” to a big ‘ol ZERO!!

This is Your Exclusive Invite
(and Spaces are Legit Limited)

Join us for 6 weeks to “go behind the curtain” and get an unprecedented level of access to Rich, Matt, myself and the team as we alpha test a brand new model for Steal Our Winners.

Go behind the scenes with us and watch as we:

Create a brand new hybrid model we’ve called “The Infinity Funnel” - combining a funnel with a membership site with an affiliate-powered sales engine for explosive conversions

Design an engaging new member journey that incentivizes members to take action, get results and share positive outcomes to create a whirlwind of undisputable social proof

Leverage totally different approaches to upsells, filtering leads, and affiliate marketing offers

And we’ll let you in on Rich’s secrets that he’s used to build Steal Our Winners:

How to borrow other people’s audiences to grow your own -- and how to get the attention of the “big fish” so they say yes

How to create unimaginably valuable content -- even if you aren’t an expert in anything!

How to quickly get smarter offers in place that convert and spread organically so everything else in your business becomes easier and simpler

Plus, join us for LIVE open Q&A to: 

Dive into the psychology of what works to engage new leads and generate an excitement that makes your offers irresistible

Experience each step of the process as we share what’s next, why, the strategy behind it and exactly how you can apply the same concepts and tactics to your own offers and business!

Warning: This Isn’t for Everyone… 

There are some huge risks as we open this invitation up…
  • You’re going to get alpha access to the new website - and things are probably going to break… it might be a train wreck, and you’ll get to see exactly how we handle it and fail forward quickly (everyone talks about this, but no one else is willing to let you in to SEE it)
  • ​Some of what we test might not work right away - you’ll see the process we use to evaluate each success or not-yet-a-success to tweak and get the results we want
  • ​This stuff is cutting-edge and goes against the “conventional wisdom” you might believe works or is the “only way” to succeed in business
We know we’ll get some backlash and have some tough, revealing conversations with this group.  We’re ready for it if you are.

What IS This "Infinity Funnel Formula" Exactly?

This is Your Opportunity to do More than
"Steal Our Winners"... 

Steal Our Secrets Before they Become Winners!
These are secrets and insights you won’t find anywhere else -- and they're exactly what you've been searching for.   

You'll literally go behind the scenes with us step by step as we launch the brand new member platform for Steal Our Winners, using the Infinity Funnel Formula.

And, after this program ends, you won’t be able to get access to all these secrets for any price (definitely not at the crazy offer we’re about to make you).
The “Infinity Funnel” Formula
    Get access to 6 brand new training modules walking you through every step of how to apply The Infinity Funnel’s powerful concepts to anything you build online, plus LIVE Q&A calls with Rich and the team.
    • Module #1: Infinite Possibilities

      What is “The Infinity Funnel” and how can you leverage the principles and frameworks in your own online business? Rich reveals the mental models he’s discovered that allow him to see infinite possibilities and stay ahead of the curve with what will work next.
    • Module #2: Infinite Points of Entry

      The traditional funnel was already “dead on arrival” (and let’s just agree to all quit the CPR attempts). Evolve your funnels to infinite points of entry, allowing your customers to choose where they enter, and what they invest in. This concept can be easily applied to any funnel, any website, any marketing tactic, once you understand it.
    • Module #3: Infinite Organic Growth

      It’s more than “butterfly marketing” when you apply infinite organic growth flows. Incentivize, gamify, reward… and as long as you’ve got something worth sharing, this is how you hit “go” on that perpetual motion machine.
    • Module #4: Infinite Monetization Loops

      Upsells rarely work. If your funnels have felt “broken” - it really isn’t you, you aren’t doing anything wrong. Everything we’ve been taught is wrong. Instead, we’ll show you how to create infinite monetization loops inside your content that allow you to target exactly the right person with the right offer at the right time. And how to get your ideal high-ticket clients to filter themselves!  
    • Module #5: Infinite Engagement

      Are you ready to see exactly how to build a customer onboarding sequence that works, and to incorporate gamification and more, to get your clients engaged so they create amazing results (and how you can instantly capture powerful social proof you can leverage to feed your “perpetual motion machine”)?
    • Module #6: Infinite Paths to Scale

      Discover how to create smart upsells and leverage affiliate marketing based on data and segmentation. Plus we’ll share our best shortcuts for FAST content creation (Rich is a genius at this and you’ll be blown away by his processes and hacks). With a few small tweaks, you can get dramatically better results and more sales in less time.
    "Infinitize" Your Own Business
    • Each week, we’ll take you behind the scenes with us to show you what we’re doing, why, and how you can apply the psychology, strategy, tactics and tools in your own business.
    Stay Ahead of the Curve
    • At the end of the six weeks, we’re not done. We’ll circle back with this group, 3 months and 6 months from now to share with you what’s worked, what we tweaked and why, and continue sharing transparently so you can take what we’ve learned and apply it in your own business - to STAY AHEAD OF THE CURVE.
    And Make Some $$$$ with Us...
    • We’ll also give you a secret affiliate link to join us in the public launch of the new Steal Our Winners platform later this year.  
    • Until now, getting access to our affiliate program has required a lot of hoop jumping -- and for everyone who joins us in this program, we’ve decided to remove the hoops.  
    • Be the first to share our new platform and make some nice commissions!


    Are You Ready to Skip Ahead to the Future -- Right Now?

    Spaces are strictly limited and we won’t be able to open this back up once it’s closed and we’ve begun the closed-door program.

    Here’s a quick recap of what you’ll get access to as a member:
    • The Infinity Funnel Formula - 6 modules delivered LIVE revealing the keys to "infinitizing" your business (VALUE: $6997+)
    • ​Early Alpha Access to the new Steal Our Winners membership site, powered by the Infinity Funnel (VALUE: $997+)
    • Exclusive Facebook Group with Q&A Access only for members of the Infinity Funnel program - we’ll be in the group answering questions, offering feedback, and even going LIVE for Q&A especially for the group (VALUE: $1997+)
    • ​Secret Bonuses from Rich and the Team (VALUE: $997+)

    TOTAL VALUE = $10,998+

    That’s $10,000+ of real-world value... that's about 1,000 Frappuccinos from Starbucks or 1,000 pizzas from Little Caesars. 

    And it’d be a STEAL at that price.  But hey, Pop Quiz #3 (this one is easy)...

    Would you rather have…
    • 1,000 Frappucinos?
    • 1,000 Pizzas?
    • A “Perpetual Motion Machine” working for you to attract leads, clients, affiliates and cash flow to your business?

    If you said anything but “3”, stop reading right now.

    And consider going back to a cubicle or driving Uber.

    If you DID say "3", get your spot in the group for just $997 - before it fills!

    YES!  I Want to "Infinitize" My Business!

    (And See Behind the Curtain of Strategic Profits, too)

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